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BioCyc Access


A company-wide subscription provides unlimited, unrestricted access to all 9390 databases within BioCyc for all employees at your company.  A subscription also includes remote access through any proxy IP addresses.

BioCyc Pricing

Annual or multiyear subscription prices are based on the prior year of BioCyc usage by your company.  Price levels range from Level 6 (highest) to Level 1 (lowest). Please contact us for your company's pricing classification and we will provide your prior year usage and a quote for the current year.


Note: MetaCyc and EcoCyc are currently supported by grants and do not require a subscription.  Accordingly, your company's MetaCyc and EcoCyc usage will be subtracted from your total BioCyc usage when calculating your pricing level.

Individual For-Profit Subscriptions


USD$980.00 per person per year

Please contact us to set up an individual for-profit subscription.

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Pricing Level


Level 6

Level 5

Level 4

Level 3

Level 2

Level 1

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