Frequently Asked Questions

I only use MetaCyc or EcoCyc.  Will I need a subscription for access?

No, you do not currently need a subscription to access these resources.


Can I continue using BioCyc for free?

BioCyc now relies mainly on nonprofit subscriptions to maintain and update the database, but we strive to keep the pricing as low as possible.  If you require continued access, we can provide you with a free one-month individual access code in exchange for emailing your library in support of an institutional subscription.  If you are teaching a course, we do offer complimentary teaching access as a service to the community.


Can I just get a subscription to one database within BioCyc for a lower price?

No, all subscriptions provide the same level of access: unrestricted access to all databases within BioCyc.



My institution or company has a subscription to BioCyc, but I am being prompted to log in to access the database.  What should I do?

If you are off-campus, make sure you are accessing BioCyc through your library's or company's proxy server.  If you don't know how to do this, please contact your librarian or IT department.

If you are on-campus, please contact us with a screenshot of the issue and your public IP address where you are experiencing the issue.


What will happen if my institution/company/I don't have a subscription?

You will be allowed a very limited number of free page views each month.  This is similar to many online newspapers.  After you have reached this limit, you will be prompted to log in to view any data pages (apart from EcoCyc and MetaCyc pages).  We intend to set the limit at a level such that most regular BioCyc users will use up the free page views very quickly.



How do you have usage data for my institution if it was never subscribed to this resource before?

BioCyc was a free resource for many years.  During much of this time, we used usage tracking software to collect these usage statistics.



My library's fiscal year is closed so we will need to wait to purchase new materials.  Can we get access now?

Please contact us to discuss your options.



I am a faculty member at an institution.  How can I set up subscription access for my institution?

The best way to do this is by contacting your librarian to request a subscription.  If you can't find your librarian's contact information, please contact us and we can try to help you locate this information.



I use BioCyc at a nonprofit institution, but I am not a faculty member.  What can I do to help set up a subscription for my institution?

The best way to do this is also by contacting your librarian (as mentioned in the last question), but your request will be more effective if you ask your lab head or Principal Investigator (i.e., a faculty member) to submit the request to your library.



My company has strict data security policies, or it only allows us to access data through our own internal software.  Is there a way we can download your data to keep in-house?

Please contact us about your unique situation and we can discuss your options.