BioCyc Microbial Genomes and Metabolic Pathways Web Portal

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The BioCyc web portal from SRI International contains  genome and metabolic-pathway information for over 10,000 microbes. BioCyc encyclopedias are unique in integrating a diverse range of data and providing a high level of curation for important microbes. BioCyc curators summarize and synthesize information from thousands of publications, saving scientists time in literature research, and integrating data for large-scale computational analyses.


BioCyc Pathway/Genome Databases (PGDB) describe the genome of an organism, as well as its biochemical pathways and (for a small fraction of organisms) its regulatory network. New releases occur three times per year, often including new databases as well as updated data. Two members of the BioCyc collection, the EcoCyc and MetaCyc databases, are derived from more than three decades of literature-based curation of genome and pathway data. The HumanCyc database provides a curated collection of many human metabolic pathways and enzymes.


BioCyc bioinformatics tools combine unparalleled breadth and user friendliness and include a unique set of visualization tools to speed comprehension of its extensive and complex data. For a full list of analysis and visualization tools please refer to the BioCyc Data Sheet.