Individual Subscriptions

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We highly recommend contacting your library for an institutional subscription before purchasing an individual subscription.  Institutional and company subscriptions are usually more cost-effective and in most cases, libraries are willing to pay for the subscription if there is a substantial need for the resource and if they have room in their journal budget.


However, if your library or company is not able to subscribe at the current time, we do provide the option to subscribe at the individual level.


Each individual user (including multiple individuals in the same lab) will need their own subscription.  Access will be granted via login credentials.


These licenses will be available for purchase via credit card on the BioCyc website after July 1.



Academic/Non-Profit Individual Use Subscription Pricing





USD$250 per person per year


For academic individual subscriptions, there is a 40% discount off the total purchase if two or more are purchased at one time.


2 subscriptions: $300 USD total for one year

3 subscriptions: $450 USD total for one year

4 subscriptions: $600 USD total for one year



For-Profit/Company Individual Use Subscription Pricing


USD$980 per person per year

Please contact us to set up your subscription.


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