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Off-campus access is included in our institutional subscription pricing through your institution's IP-based proxy servers.  Unfortunately, we do not support single-sign-on technology at this time.


We support EZ-Proxy

Many of our subscribers use EZ-Proxy for their off-campus access.


If you are a subscriber and need our configuration stanza, it is as follows:


U http://www.arabidopsis.org

HJ www.arabidopsis.org

DJ arabidopsis.org


U http://seqviewer.arabidopsis.org

HJ seqviewer.arabidopsis.org

DJ seqviewer.arabidopsis.org


U http://gbrowse.arabidopsis.org

HJ gbrowse.arabidopsis.org

DJ gbrowse.arabidopsis.org


U https://arabidopsis.org


U https://www.arabidopsis.org


U https://seqviewer.arabidopsis.org


U https://gbrowse.arabidopsis.org


Off-Campus Access Included

Please note that prices shown on this page are for reference purposes only.  For an official number, please contact us for an official quote or license agreement for your institution.

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